photo by Marilylle Soveran

Just got a call from someone in Chu Chua that there are enough saskatoons growing along Dunn Lake Rd north of Barriere to feed the whole city of Kamloops!

Also plenty more in Clearwater across the highway from the Wells Gray Hotel.


GAP Harvest

As you have probably noticed as you’re out and about in the city, the apricots are ripening! We hope to save as many as possible from going to waste, so if you’re not already a GAP volunteer, please consider joining the GAP and helping us harvest and share this awesome local abundance!




Faith is studying Environmental Science and Languages at TRU. She is fluent in French, and recently spent a semester in Belize! She loves animals and has spent many volunteer hours walking dogs, socializing cats, and helping out at animal shelters. We are excited to have her on board!

One of the awesome things about a seed library is that it attracts  generous people who love to grow unusual fruit and vegetables. Ann-Marie Hunter is thrilled with the soybean varieties she’s been growing, and wanted to share them, so she contacted us about donating some to our library. Of course we said, “Yes, Please!”

CC photo by Jessica Lucia

We are also awaiting a donation of some kiwano (horned melon) seeds. I turns out they are not only beautiful to behold, but are packed with antioxidants and have a lot of health benefits.

Sharing seed is the best way to ensure that unusual or heirloom varieties continue to survive and thrive. The more people growing them, the better the chance they have. A small amount of seed can go a long way – the estimated return on a bean seed is 120/1!

For more information, check out the Seed Library page on our website or look for us this summer and fall at the Farmers Market and other local events.

Cherry Harvest


We’re definitely off and running! We had six harvests our first week and picked over 800 pounds of cherries (and had fun doing it!). Over 400 pounds of delicious fruit went to the Food Bank, Boys & Girls Club, ASK Wellness, Brock Activity Centre, Kamloops United Church PIT stop, and the Mount Paul Community Food Centre, and more.


Thanks to our hard-working volunteers, generous tree owners, and community agencies for helping us share the abundance!



July Network Meeting
July 4, 5:30 – 7:30 PM Read more

Board Update
A memorandum of understanding has been signed between the Farm to School program and KFPC. And congratulations are in order for Bonnie Klohn, who will be the new Farm to School Kamloops Animator!

Another Community Food Research Alliance meeting was facilitated with increased attendance and action items.

Bonnie, Sandra and Carole presented a United Way proposal to the Community Impact Council.

Bylaws are being updated and the Board is delighted with the names that have been coming forward in the Board nomination process in preparation for the AGM on August 1. The Board also supported staff in the recruitment and selection of the Social Enterprise Coordinator and summer student positions.

KFPC confirmed our role as a community partner with the 2018 Wild Salmon Caravan (WSC). The WSC, which raises consciousness about the spirit of this keystone species through arts and culture, will have three stops, ending in Chase on September 29. The theme this year is Mermaids and water people. KFPC will support the Chase feast, promote the Chase parade and possibly facilitate transportation to the parade.

Farm to Chef’s Grazing Event, an annual fundraiser, takes place at Stuart Wood on August 26. KFPC will be the recipient of the fundraiser.

KFPC was saddened to hear of Elmer King’s passing on May 15. JUMP will be organizing a celebration of life later in June. In Elmer’s honour, Street Scene has been renamed The Big Edition and the inaugural summer edition will be released on July 1.

Staff Update
A big welcome is extended to Greg Unger (pictured at the top of the newsletter!), the new Social Enterprise Coordinator, as well as a thank you to the City of Kamloops for supporting social enterprise through the Social Enterprise Accelerator Program. KFPC will be working with Purrpl (Purposeful People out of Kelowna) to develop a business plan. The plan is to take a portion of gleaned fruit, make it shelf stable, and sell it to the Boys and Girls Club. Down the road, the intention is to also have a retail stream. Another component of the program is to provide food literacy workshops through harvesting, food processing, reducing food waste, and garden tours.

KFPC, the Food Bank, ICS and the City of Kamloops is working on a Food Insecurity Forum, which will focus on actions to help people who are hungry, advocacy and research.

A joint grant application with ICS was successful, which means there will be more food literacy workshops.

GAP would like to send a friendly reminder to send pickable trees and volunteers our way. Interested people can also contact GAP for community presentations:

KFPC plans to build a float for the Wild Salmon Caravan using a utility trailer. Anyone inspired by merpeople or trout children and being a part of the float? Contact us to be a part of a float crew:

It was exciting for the Seed Library to fill out its first intake and receive heirloom edamame seeds into the library. Read all about it here.

Community Spotlight Presentation
Interior Community Services (ICS) Program Update

ICS and KFPC have aligned missions, so it’s fantastic to hear about all that they are involved with right now. ICS is the first Community Food Centre in BC (there are only 12 in Canada). Their focus is on whole, unprocessed, healthy food and kids programming to develop knowledge and skills to grow, cook, harvest and glean food.

In 2017/18, ICS has been carrying out a capital campaign and they are expanding the kitchen/garden and renovating the centre over the summer. With 42 programs, this seems very necessary! Here is a summary of the food-related programs that ICS offers:

Community Kitchens – there is both a drop in program with local resources or a culinary series program that runs for 6 – 12 weeks.

Kids – for kids under 13 years old, there are one-stop drop in programs and 6 – 10 week programs. During the summer, YMCA Camp Days run, using the main hall, kitchen and garden. During the school year, School District 73 will also be involved with the Food Centre.

Food Access – programs that fit in with this involve the Food Bank and Food Recovery, as well as food collected at the Farmers’ Market. The Garden is available for kitchen programming.

Better at Home – works with people who are over 65 years old on low income. The Food Bank hamper delivers to 21 clients and the grocery shopping with free delivery has 86 shoppers. The Farmers’ Market coupon program coincides with a Friday tea where participants can pick up the coupons. This program, with a capacity of 35 people, is almost full with only 3 spaces left.

One of the gaps ICS is trying to fill is to fundraise for and develop programming meaningful for youth.

In terms of partnerships, ICS provides tailor made workshops (e.g., team building) and presentations to community groups. Some of the volunteering opportunities with ICS include helping in the garden, food processing, helping with hampers, yard maintenance, and informing the community of where Mount Paul Community Food Centre is and what they do.

For more information about Mount Paul Community Food Centre and their programs, visit their website.


Farmers’ Market 40th Anniversary
June 23
Cake cutting and speeches at 10 AM

Walk for Peace, Environment & Social Justice at NOON
Rock the Walk from 1 – 8 PM
June 23
Riverside Park Bandshell
Food trucks, artisan vendors, children’s activities, community info booths, and live music!

August 1, 5:30 – 7:30

Farm to Chefs Grazing Event
August 26, 2 – 5

Wild Salmon Caravan
September 29
Parade in Chase

Grow a Row has started through the Kamloops Food Bank.

JUMP also mentioned that they will be starting a Pick a Weed Program at the JUMP plot on Elm and Tranquille. When you’re walking by, take a moment to pull a week or two.

Who’s Who
ahhYay Wellness Café
Artisan Farm Village
Breastfeeding Matters in Kamloops
City of Kamloops
Kamloops City Council
Kamloops Food Bank
Kamloops Naturalist Club
Kamloops Organic Buying Club
Kamloops Regional Farmers’ Market
Lived Experience Committee
Live Love Laugh Wellness Gardens
Mount Paul Community Church
My Place Drop In
Permaculture Kamloops
The Big Edition

Next Meeting: July 4, 2018, 5:30 – 7:30 PM
Chair: Lindsay Harris
Notetaker: Michelle Tsutsumi
Set Up: Gabrielle Bray, Natasha Lyndon
Take Down: Sandra Frangiadakis, Greg Unger, Glenn Hilke, Deanna Hurstfield

The KFPC is a network of groups and individuals who value our local food assets and don’t mind sharing! The Mount Paul Community Food Centre often has volunteer groups come to help out in their garden. Today’s crew harvested beautiful strawberries and then sat in the shade to cool off and enjoy some.

Some of the amazing, fresh-picked strawberries along with vitamin and mineral-packed organic spinach donated by Gardengate – ready to be washed and used in the Mount Paul kitchen. What would you make . . . ?





This is a One-Year Contract Position (subject to budgetary approval), which commences June 4, 2018, and could potentially be extended at the end of the contract.

Approximately 15 hrs per week at $25.00 per hour

Read more

Network Meeting Summary – May 2, 2018

Board Updates
Congratulations to Laura Kalina for being recognized by the City of Kamloops with the Overlander/Pioneer Spirit Award! This is a rare award, last given four years ago. Read more