Wild Salmon Caravan

Supporting Indigenous Food Sovereignty is one of the Kamloops Food Policy Council’s core values. We express this through participation and contribution to Indigenous-led events such as the Wild Salmon Caravan, a celebration of the spirit of wild salmon through the arts and culture.

Since 2016, we’ve organized the Wild Salmon Caravan parade through downtown Kamloops, hosted a community feast, and provided organizational support for this event.

The 2018 Wild Salmon Caravan opens September 22 in Vancouver and closes September 29 with a sacred ceremony at the Adams River.

Check Facebook and the Wild Salmon Caravan Website for Summer Arts Workshops.

The theme this year is mermaids!

Create or facilitate art in your medium of choice, following themes that relate wild salmon to mermaids, matriarchs, water, healing, regeneration, transformation and change, sustainable energy and Indigenous food systems. We invite everyone to take part in our parades and programs in colourful, creative, cultural expressions of love for wild salmon.

Big thanks to Murray Bush and Sharon Kravitz, of the Wild Salmon Caravan Media Team, for sharing their beautiful photos. Check out all of their photo albums of the Caravan.

Up Coming Wild Salmon Caravan Events