PopCycle is a social enterprise project with the Kamloops Food Policy Council that creates tasty fruitpops using fruit harvested through our Gleaning Abundance Program.

You can find us at the Farmers’ Market every Saturday. You can also find us at special events throughout the summer:
* Overlanders Day on July 21st or
* Kamloops Pride Festival on August 25th.

We sell our PopCycle fruitpops in bulk too! Click here to place your order now.

Speaking to the Cycle:

  • Kamloops revels in an abundance of fruit during the summer
  • Volunteers with the Gleaning Abundance Program harvest some of this fruit
  • The harvests are shared with the tree owners, volunteers, and community agencies
  • Sometimes there is so much fruit all at once that we are making it into delicious fruitpops!
  • Our fruitpop sales cycle back into the food action programs that Kamloops Food Policy Council runs

Calling Volunteers – Come Join Us in the Kitchen!
Do you enjoy working in the kitchen? Then come join us for an hour or two!

We will be processing fresh fruit from the Gleaning Abundance Program (GAP) and using it to make our PopCycle fruitpops!

Volunteer Duties:

  •     Chopping, pitting, and freezing fruit (aka processing fruit)
  •     Dispensing fruit and yogurt mixtures into fruitpop molds (aka making fruitpops)
  •     Removing fruitpops from molds and packaging them

If you’re keen to contribute in this way, please contact Natalie at natalie@kamloopsfoodpolicycouncil.com or Greg at se@kamloopsfoodpolicycouncil.com to make arrangements. Please also specify which days and times work best in your schedule!

Volunteer with PopCycle Fruitpops

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What is a Social Enterprise?
In a nutshell, a social enterprise is a business venture run by a non-profit. Revenue is returned to the business/non-profit to help it be self-sufficient, or it can be used to fund some other social purpose. Our aim is to generate revenue for GAP and the KFPC to have more stable core funding.

PopCycle received aid through the City of Kamloops, which helped pay for a mentorship program called Purppl (Purposeful People). Through Purppl, we received hands-on training in business planning, decision-making and processes.