Information on Pesticide Use in Kamloops

Replacing Pesticide Use with Healthier Ecosystems

When we talk about healthy spaces, we are referring to the land we live on, the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the spaces we inhabit or visit. A healthy city encourages and fosters healthy spaces and healthy lifestyles. Pesticides are a controversial topic. They help us deal with and manage pests of all kinds, but they also cause a wide variety of negative effects for people and our environment, ranging from immediate to severe. Are pesticides encouraging an investment in the ecological value of our land, or are they continuing to promote a colonial mindset that seeks to control the land we live on, rather than live in harmony with it?

Through a spatial analysis of pesticide spraying in Kamloops, we have visually mapped where our City is spraying. Click here to view our interactive story map and learn more about current pesticide use on public lands in the City of Kamloops. You’ll also find additional research about types of pesticides, why they are used, and the negative effects they can have.

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Ask the City of Kamloops to Reduce Pesticide Use

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