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The Kamloops Food Policy Council (KFPC) envisions a local food system that is regenerative, sovereign and just. We believe that growing the local food sector, and enabling more “made in Kamloops” products is a pathway to a green and more diversified economy.

In 2019, the KFPC partnered with a number of stakeholders in the region to access funding from the British Columbia Ministry of Agriculture to carry out the “Kamloops Food Processing and Innovation Hub Feasibility Pilot.”

A Food Hub provides the infrastructure needed to reduce the barriers for local food producers, processors and farmers in the region. The feasibility study strongly suggested the need for and feasibility of a food innovation and processing hub for the Kamloops region. Feedback from food businesses indicated that the key challenges they face could be addressed through the support and infrastructure available through a Food Hub.

For the most up-to-date information on the project, visit our food hub’s website today: The Stir.

The Food Hub Model

Enterprise Development The focus is to increase the number, size and diversity of food businesses and initiatives in our region. We will continue to offer mentorship and support to food businesses in partnership with Kamloops Innovation.

Processing Facilities We are collaborating with community partners to establish shared food processing facilities that will be available for rental by food entrepreneurs. The focus of these facilities is to incubate new food businesses, promote innovation, lower costs of food processing, and offer a vibrant experience for customers.

Distribution and Aggregation –  We plan to connect food businesses with larger and local distributors such as the Kamloops Organics Buying Club and other local food outlets.

Food Recovery – We will work with community partners and the Gleaning Abundance Program to process surplus fresh produce. These processed products will be donated to partner agencies or sold in a social enterprise model to raise funds for KFPC’s programs.


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Food Hub Partnerships

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