We are thrilled to announce the release of the Kamloops Urban Foodlands Report! This report explores current urban foodlands practices and policies in Kamloops and aligns them with community visions and outcomes.

This report aims to understand what outcomes people in Kamloops hope to see from urban foodlands (not limited to growing food for sale), what policies could support those outcomes, and what barriers exist in reaching them.

The Kamloops Urban Foodlands Report is part of a larger provincial project that explored urban foodlands in Kamloops, Victoria, and Vancouver. This project aligns efforts across the three municipalities and uses the information gathered from each community to help coordinate urban foodlands policy advocacy across BC.

Read the Kamloops Urban Foodlands report here

Project Background

In 2020, the Public Health Association of BC, Kamloops Food Policy Council, Vancouver Urban Farming Society, and the Food Eco District in Victoria conducted case studies throughout their respective urban municipalities to explore current urban foodlands practices and policies and to align them with community visions and outcomes. A report was created to align efforts across municipalities to help inform the coordinated development of urban foodlands policies and practices across BC.

Read the other reports here:

This project was made possible thanks to our community partners ,Master
Gardeners, Permaculture Kamloops, Transition Kamloops, urban farmers, food social service
agencies, and Indigenous organizations. We’d also like to thank the Public Health Association of BC for coordinating the project and the Real Estate Foundation of BC for supporting this project.