Our Team

We are proud of our collaborative leadership model with strong leadership direction from the Board of Directors. Our most recent strategic plan guides our work and clearly defines organizational structure and roles.

Our strength has always been in our ability to bring people together, so this model mirrors the flexible and nimble structure of our network. It helps to create shared knowledge, diversity, and increased resiliency.


Food Action Lead

Sandra has been the fearless leader of our food action program since 2014. Her secret power is creating connections in the food community. Like a gardener, she tends to the program as it grows along with the needs of the community and food system.


Food Policy Lead

Bonnie works to interweave food policy with our food programs to create systemic change. She also facilitates financial planning. Bonnie’s super power is the ability to bring clarity to intensely complex situations.


Food Policy Implementation Lead

Lindsay is excited about growing our local food economy in a just and equitable way. She has a background in participatory research and community economic development, and facilitates collaboration with KFPC’s partners to grow the agriculture sector in our region.


Communications & Administration Lead

Deborah is the newest member of our team and brings with her diverse  experience and a lot of passion.  She has a personal connection to food systems through working on her dad’s farm in Nigeria, growing plantains, pineapples and cocoa beans and is eager to help us achieve our vision of a regenerative, sovereign, and just food system.


Gleaning Abundance Coordinator

Mariana hails from Mexico and has a wealth of experience working with volunteers on various projects in Canada, Mexico, Peru, and China. She is a long-time advocate of social justice and keen to get behind the cause of food security. 2020 is Mariana’s second season with the Gleaning Abundance Program and she has the added task of ensuring our harvests comply with Covid 19 social distancing and sanitation requirements Her organizational and leadership super powers are much appreciated by GAP!


Food Hub Coordinator

Kent is a highly skilled food entrepreneur and founder of Local Pulse. He has a background in Biochemistry and worked as a Research Technologist at STEMCELL Technologies. Kent is passionate about food and is excited by the opportunity to work with prospective food entrepreneurs to turn their dream products into a “made in Kamloops” reality.


Research Student

The Co-vid 19 pandemic brought Caitlin back home to Kamloops earlier than expected from study abroad and she started coming to the Butler Urban Farm regularly to volunteer and make use of her unexpected free time. She has since been awarded a Mitacs Research Training Award to help us learn how to get the most benefit for the most people from what we do at the farm. She calls the farm “labour of love” and enjoys connecting with the many people she meets there.


Fall Farm Manager

Chris brings with him a holistic and diverse set of skills that is extremely valuable as the Fall Manager at the Butler Urban Farm. As a self-employed architect, he has an expansive experience in site planning, site design, and spends his free time researching organic and permaculture growing techniques. He is a huge asset in the placement and construction of our greenhouse and shed at the Butler Urban Farm and sees food as a place of solace, joy, and learning.

Board Members

Carole Hebden

Laura Kalina
Honorary Director & Founding Member

Percy Folkard

Duck Hill Ranch

Rob Wright

Gardengate, Open Door Group

Simone Jennings

Interior Health

Jesse Ritcey

 Kamloops Naturalist Club

Emily Pletsch

Cynthia Travers

The Loop

Fauve Garson

TRU Masters of Environmental Sciences Researcher

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