Our Network

Our network is the KFPC’s greatest strength. We cultivate connections, establish partnerships, and celebrate people as gifts to organically build our local capacity.

With a regular attendance of community members, organizations, and active volunteers, our meetings have always sought to provide a space for our community to connect and engage. Our network meetings also offer a space for all of our programs to converge – the Gleaning Abundance Program, the Butler Urban Farm and Seed Library, The Stir, and our Food Policy Advocacy groups. If you’re curious about getting involved in the KFPC and aren’t sure where to start, our Network Meetings are the place to be!

Each gathering features:

  • A delicious potluck
  • Lots of time to connect with others – expect to meet people from grassroots action groups, community non-profit organizations, local businesses, the City of Kamloops and the Interior Health Authority
  • A community spotlight, article, or special topic presentation and/or activity

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If you’d like to connect further, please reach out to us at any time: info@kamloopsfoodpolicycouncil.com