Every Seed Has a Story, and we want to hear yours!
As we all get ready for spring planting, Caitlin Quist – our Farm Community Organizer, is hoping to use stories to reinvigorate the Kamloops Seed Library.
Caitlin is currently collecting stories around seeds in our community. If anyone has a seed they have been growing for several years, we welcome you to share your story with us and possibly offer a small donation of seed!
The hope with this project is not only to increase Kamloops-wide seed saving and growing, but also to call attention to the rich history of seeds in our community. These stories will be shared with the community through the seed library and Seedy Saturday.
If you are interested in sharing a story, please email Caitlin at caitlin@kamloopsfoodpolicycouncil.com to connect and arrange for seed drop off or pick up.

We are looking for a fall manager for our urban farm project! The Butler Urban Farm is an urban farm with a difference. All our produce goes to volunteers, community groups, and food insecure folks in search of fresh veggies. If you love growing food and love people, this may be the job opportunity for you!


Check the full job posting here: Fall Farm Manager Job Posting


The Butler Urban Farm is taking shape! It is slowly but surely being transformed into a beautiful and productive green space by Kevin, our farm manager and a crew of dedicated volunteers. We are so grateful for the donations of plants, time, and energy from so many people.

Besides the rows of annual vegetables that have been planted, we have a small perennial herb bed started, with strawberries, garlic chives, lavender, sage, oregano, lemon balm and more. A forgotten little rhubarb was rescued and nurtured and now is flourishing.  A neighbour came over with sunflower seedlings and created a little flower bed near the front. The care and attention is starting to show results!

Last week we were the lucky recipients of a Jorocan composter, courtesy of the Fraser Basin Council Youth Program. It will make a very useful addition to our farm in terms of soil building as well as  education – quickly turning plant and food waste into a valuable soil amendment! Thanks to Russ for assembling and delivering!

In full production, this space could be a small, but important contributor to local food security. We are working on adding some native plants and a mini food forest with perennial trees, berries, and herbs. If you are interested in getting involved, send a message to sandra@kamloopsfoodpolicycouncil.com

If you are interested in learning more about gardening, join our free, online gardening classes held every Tuesday evening. The sessions are recorded and can then be accessed from the Butler Urban Farm Learning Collective Facebook page. To participate in the live sessions (more fun), email Jesse at kamloopswildgrowers@gmail.com