We’d like to encourage everyone to take a look at the Public Produce Strategic Report that some of our members were instrumental in developing. If you’re wondering about how the Kamloops Public Produce Project came to be, or where it’s going, many answers may be found in here!  There are many wild and wonderful things that could happen with the public produce movement in our city (and province, and country), with support in the right places.

We are currently working on the next phase of the project, which we’re calling Phase III: Public Produce in Your Own Backyard. This next step will lend support and guidance to other organizations and communities who hope to start their own public produce project. If this is something that you or your group is interested in pursuing, get in touch with us at the Public Produce Project and we’ll keep you updated on the next exciting developments! (publicproduceproject@gmail.com)

Without further adieu.. the Public Produce Strategy Report Sept2012 !