What is food policy?

Food policies are the decisions we make individually and together about food — how it’s grown, harvested, prepared, shared and enjoyed.  Good public policy is key to increasing the quality of our food, growing our local food economy, reducing food insecurity, and improving the health of the land.

The KFPC hosts discussions, presentations, and educational opportunities at our network potlucks.  We respond to critical issues that impact our food system, like the debates on urban hens and bees, the elimination of pesticides, and industrial development proposals such as the Ajax Mine and the Kinder-Morgan Pipeline. Getting involved in our programs, or our partner’s programs, is a great way to learn about the underlying issues in our food system and to find out how you can take action towards the kind of food system you’d like to see.

Here are some of the plans and policies we’ve contributed to at the local government level, in collaboration with the City of Kamloops.

City of Kamloops Food and Urban Agriculture Plan

The KFPC also contributes to food policy and program development by publishing and sharing what we’ve learned.

For more food policy resources please visit the BC Food Security Gateway Resource Catalogue.

Growth & Sustainability: Development for a food secure Kamloops

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