Knife-Sharpening, Tool-Maintenance – Lawrence Barichello

Lawrence Barichello is a big fan of self-sufficiency. He loves to fix and sharpen knives, tools, and machines, and enjoys helping others learn those skills. He is a volunteer with Repair Cafe and also operates his own unofficial repair shop from his home.

Lawrence has facilitated knife and tool-sharpening workshops for the KFPC and has also led workshops on making soap, lip balm, and zinc ointment.

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Tree-pruning, Horticulture, Landscape Design – Greg Houghton

Greg Houghton is a well-known arborist in Kamloops. He has conducted numerous workshops and classes on pruning, horticulture, and landscape design for the City of Kamloops, local businesses, and various non-profit groups. The KFPC regularly invites him to facilitate our fruit-tree pruning workshops.

Greg has over 33 years experience in the horticulture field and is an ISA Certified arborist, tree worker, and tree risk assessor. He is a Tree Canada representative for the BC Interior. Greg is passionate about pruning trees and horticulture in general, and enjoys sharing his knowledge. He has worked with school children planting trees, and talking about their importance.

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Permaculture, Landscape Design – Shelaigh Garson

Shelaigh (rhymes with sleigh) has been promoting urban agriculture and edible landscaping in Kamloops for many years.  She holds a degree in landscape design, as well as certificates in horticulture and permaculture design. She is also an artist and brings a creative perspective to her work. Shelaigh has led numerous workshops and classes on garden art, seed starting, cooperative gardening, introduction to permaculture, rainwater harvesting, layer-mulching, growing and using herbs, hugelkultur, and more.

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Mushroom Cultivation – Jenny Johnson

Jenny is a scientist, brewer, and mushroom cultivation fanatic! She has been growing oysters and shiitakes as a hobby for over five years has her method down to an art. Although she approaches her craft very scientifically, she is able to share her skills and knowledge in a clear and easy-to-understand way. She has conducted several mushroom-cultivation workshops for the KFPC and is very thorough and organized.

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Seed-Cleaning, Seed-Saving – Mojave Kaplan

Mojave Kaplan was inspired at an early age by her grandmother who helped her discover her green thumb.  Now an inspiring elder seed grower, this “seed warrioress” of Planting Seeds Project is a farmer, educator, consultant, mentor, and farm/garden designer.

Since 1991, Mojave has dedicated herself to seed sovereignty and has been involved with lobbying and education for small-scale farm production of open pollinated, heirloom, and heritage seeds.  She has worked on building a local, provincial, national, and global seed movement with organisations such as Farm Folk City Folk’s BC Seeds and the Bauta Family Initiative for Canadian Seed Security, and is a founding member of BC Eco Seed Coop. Mojave was an instructor for TRU’s prototype First Nation’s Horticulture Certificate course and has led numerous workshops on seed saving, seed cleaning, and incorporating seed growing into a farm or garden. 

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Everything Gardening, Beneficial Insects, Growing for Pollinators, and More – Elaine Sedgman

Elaine is a trained Master Gardener who has been gardening for 50 years. She has facilitated workshops on everything from bugs to xeriscaping, and wrote the book on Public Produce (literally – you can read it here). She has taken numerous bee taxonomy workshops and was the project coordinator for a 2017 Citizen Science Pollinator Project. If you want to learn anything about native pollinators or Integrated Pest Management, she is your go-to person!

In her past life, Elaine was an Early Childhood Educator, and she has done workshops for school and kid’s science camps as well as for teachers during Professional Development days.

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Canning, cooking, soap-making –  Dede Bone

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