April 4, 2018 Network Meeting Summary

It was another fantastic Network Meeting on April 4th! There were several firsts: we tried out a new seating arrangement to accommodate our larger group sizes. Folks seemed to enjoy sitting in smaller groups at the tables because it was easier to get to know people better. Events and announcements were listed on poster paper for people to look at over dinner and will be included in the summaries after each meeting.  We were also thrilled to welcome ten people who were at the meeting for the first time!

Board Update
In a recent update from Farm to School, Addie de Candole reported that their main focus right now is to increase the amount of locally grown food in schools. They will be hosting a meeting with students, program coordinators, and partner organizations to brainstorm ways to accomplish this. In addition, participating schools will be selling their microgreens and dehydrated fruit at the Wednesday markets until summer. The KFPC Board also received a preview of Derek de Candole’s Master’s research on the Gleaning Abundance Program and look forward to distributing the findings when it is complete!

The Board has been preparing for the AGM scheduled for August 1st by revising the Constitution and Bylaws, as well as clarifying the framework for applying to be on the Board. There are needs for representation on the Board from: farmers or people involved with growing food; people with business acumen; Indigenous communities; and/or municipal/regional planners. The application can be found on the website and it is important to note that there will be no nominations accepted from the floor. The deadline to apply is June 20.

Staff Update
March was a busy month for events and presentations. Staff were involved with the following:
* Seedy Saturday – information table and seed cleaning demonstration
* Juniper Ridge Safety Forum – how the gleaning program can reduce excess fruit, which helps to reduce bear pressure
* Local Food Systems and Beyond – Bonnie and Sandra presented to a TRU Agricultural Science class
* IDays Food Security Panel – Bonnie was on the panel and learned about the TRUSU Food Bank and their needs
* Tree Pruning Workshop
* Food Security Symposium in Toronto – Bonnie attended this related to social enterprise projects

Upcoming KFPC Events
April 21: Layer Mulching Workshop
April 23: Community Seed Library Get Together

Volunteer Needs
April 28: Green Living Expo – KFPC needs people who can staff the display table for an hour or two: Please email gleaningabundance@gmail.com if you are interested in helping out.

Community Spotlight: Young Agrarians
Young Agrarians is a farmer-to-farmer network to grow the next generation of farmers. Although ‘young’ is in the name, Emily Jubenvill clearly emphasized that all are welcome at events, mixers and workshops. In addition to several eye-opening statistics about the current state of farming in Canada (e.g., half of all young farmers do not own the land they are working on; 68% of new farmers didn’t grow up on farms; 58% of new farmers identify as female; and new farmers are getting into it for personal, social and political reasons, not just economic ones), several barriers to getting into farming were identified.
* affordability of land
* low profit margins
* lack of access to capital, credit, or other sources of financing
* lack of security of demand, markets or distribution channels

Some of the ways that the Young Agrarians are bridging these gaps are:
* Land linking workshops and a land matching pilot program in Surrey (which saw 6 successful matches in year one)
* Networking, knowledge and skill sharing at regional Mixers, farm tours, potlucks and workshops
* Business Mentorship – new entrants are paired with people who have been working in a similar enterprise for over five years
* Resources such as the Thompson-Okanagan facebook group and the Resource UMap on the YA website

Needs from this region that were identified are:
* ways to navigate systems when you’re getting started (e.g., quota systems, where to find information)
* how to access funding sources (e.g., where are they and how do you qualify/apply for them)
* linking with Indigenous communities around land

There was a lot of interest to collaborate with Young Agrarians in this region and it will be fascinating to see what plans start to percolate!

Talk on NeuroNutrition for Brain Health & Reducing Cognitive Decline
by Kelly Aiello, Natural Nutritionist
April 19, 2 PM
Sahali Mall through Healthy Life Nutrition

Food Drive @ Food Bank
April 21

Picnics Not Pipelines
2710 Mission Flats Rd
April 22, 11 AM – 5 PM

Peterson Creek Clean-Up
April 22

Green Living Expo
Sandman Centre
April 28, 10 AM – 4 PM

Gardengate Plant Sales
May 5, 12, 19; 9 AM – 1 PM

Jump Royal Social Club
Spring Celebrating Labour, Unions & the Working Poor BBQ
May 5, 2 – 6 PM

Lived Experience Committee is launching “Street Scene,” a street newspaper that will launch in June 2018. They are also launching a new children’s and youth book, “I May Not Have a Home…But I Still Have Rights!”
** Writers, poets, photos and art needed **

Dallas Barnhartvale Farmers Market
This is a new market that will be happening on Sundays from 4 – 7 PM. There will be no table charge for this first season.

Food Hub Update
The intention is to build from the Kamloops Organic Buying Club and form a centre that supports local farmers to connect with local demand. Katherine Gee and Deanna Hurstfield are researching local supply, demand and current capacity. A meeting took place with Dawn Christie about having an organizing and distribution space out of the Mt. Paul Community Food Centre.

Volunteer Needs
Breastfeeding Art Expo is looking for volunteers to help with take down on April 11, between noon and 9 PM. To volunteer, please contact Karen Graham karen.graham@interiorhealth.ca

Who’s Who
ASK Wellness
City of Kamloops
Dallas Barnhartvale Farmers’ Market
Food Bank
Go Forth Compost Services
Kamloops Food Policy Council
Kamloops Naturalist Club
Kamloops Organic Buying Club
Lived Experience Committee
Made With Love
School District 73
TRU Eco Club
TRU Education

Next Meeting: May 2, 2018; 5:30 to 7:30 PM
Chair: Jesse Ritcey
Minute Taker: Michelle Tsutsumi
Set Up: Carole Hebden, Gabrielle Bray
Clean Up: Sandra Frangiadakis, Deanna Hurstfield