public produceBe a part of Kamloops’ Public Produce Project

March 28@ The Smorg 3-6pm

Public Produce is a growing project in Kamloops. Urban agriculture in the form of Public Produce gardens transforms any available land into an edible landscape: a space used to grow fresh, organic fruits and vegetables for all members of the community.
By providing the public free access to locally grown, organic fruits and vegetables, the Kamloops Public Produce Project aims to:

  1. Reduce food insecurity in Kamloops
  2. Educate the public about agricultural gardening
  3. Promote health and well-being
  4. Beautify the City of Kamloops and reduce the environmental impact of the industrial food system

There are currently two Public Produce gardens in Kamloops:

  1. The Public Produce garden at MacDonald Park is next to the community gardens. It is also considered a demonstration garden, where garden workshops will be taught this spring.
  2. Another site for Public Produce is at City Hall, in downtown Kamloops, which is currently being run by the city’s horticulture department.

Note: The public produce garden on 121 Victoria Street, which started in 2011, is now inactive due to construction and development in the area.

The Kamloops Public Produce Project is ready for expansion. Anyone can be involved: local businesses, community groups, churches, schools, even you. A Public Produce Starter Guide has been developed and is available to anyone interested in contributing to the Kamloops Public Produce Project. To invite us to speak to you and your interested party, email the Public Produce Garden Coordinator at publicproduceproject(at)

For more details, visit the Kamloops Food Policy Council website at

Stay up to date with the Kamloops Public Produce Project by visiting our blog at or looking for us on Facebook. If you are interested hearing more about the project firsthand, we will be showing our PowerPoint presentation at the Smorgasbord Restaurant on March 28, 2013 from 3-5 pm.

Join in the conversation about urban agriculture and Public Produce and stay for the potluck dinner afterward.

Written by: Jerique Arqueza
March 25, 2013