The KFPC book club returns!

Our book club seeks to bring those in our community together to discuss and explore topics such as local food systems work, community capacity, Indigenous Food Sovereignty, and more in a deeper and exciting way.

We will be meeting online via zoom once every 2 months (possible transition to in-person in summer) to explore relevant writings.

On May 4th we will be discussing the larger topic of #LandBack, reading the Yellowhead Institute Red Paper on Land Back.
You can access this article freely online, as well as many other helpful resources, fact sheets and tools.
More details:
Looking for a paper copy? We will have printed copies of the Red Paper Articles available at The Stir. Fill out this form to select your preferred pick-up time:
We would love for you to join us.
*Please note, it is not a requirement to have read the article prior to book club!