March 7, 2018 Network Meeting Summary

Board Update
– We are celebrating our biggest group yet at 45 people today!
– The new strategic plan is being operationalized in purposeful and concrete ways. It is exciting to have a strong document to guide us through the next five years.

Staff Update
– Expect to see monthly newsletters after the inaugural launch in February.
– March was the first of what will be monthly articles in the Connector (page 3), providing a regular feature on food security. Rotating guest writers will provide the articles each month.
– The most recent world cuisine workshop was full and focused on Indian dishes. Keep your eyes open for upcoming cooking sessions!
– Bonnie is in the thick of grant writing season and several applications have been submitted in partnership with the City of Kamloops and Interior Community Services, in addition to the grants solely submitted by KFPC.
– There is dialogue and movement toward collective action regarding household food insecurity.
– Bonnie and Carole have attended meetings with the TNRD and the City of Kamloops with respect to regional food security mobilization, as well as implementation of the Food and Urban Agriculture Plan (FUAP).
– Seedy Saturday is coming up on March 10 and we’re excited to offer a seed cleaning demonstration with a winnower and thresher. There will also be information about our new seed saving project and library.

Congratulations to Laura Kalina on receiving the Sharon Martin Community Development Award from the Public Health Association of BC (see photo above)! This awards recognizes contributions to community development through mentorship, promoting involvement in public health programs, building community capacity, and advocating for social justice.

Community Spotlight: Food Security and the Official Community Plan (aka KamPlan)
Jason Locke (Community Planning and Sustainability Officer) and Ben Chobater (Community Development Coordinator) from the City of Kamloops provided an overview of how the KamPlan serves as the managing document for planning and land use in the city. It provides a high level vision to guide policies, planning and zoning bylaws in 10 topic areas. The KamPlan is looking at food security in the following ways:
– Reviewing zoning bylaws with agritourism and urban agriculture in mind.
– Integrating development incentives so that food assets are included in planning when development permits are issued.
– Addressing food deserts with mixed use developments and edible landscapes.

The FUAP delves deeper into the food system through identified goals, strategies and action items in each of six areas:
1. Food Production and Land Availability
2. Food Processing and Preparing
3. Food Distribution, Retail and Access
4. Cooking, Eating and Celebrating Food
5. Food Waste and Resource Management
6. Education, Governance and Capacity Building

This is an ambitious plan and the City of Kamloops has already taken steps to support initiatives such as: community gardens and kitchens, urban hens, featuring food events in the City Activity Guide, running a rain barrel campaign, xeriscaping and intentional planting to attract beneficials and pollinators.

We are excited to see where this momentum is taking us!

2017 Wild Salmon Caravan Video Launch
Much gratitude to Dawn Morrison for sharing this video with the KFPC, a planning partner for the Kamloops portion of the Wild Salmon Caravan. It’s official release will be on Monday, March 12, at which time we will share widely. Spoiler alert: It’s powerful in its celebration of the spirit of the wild salmon.

Upcoming Events & Announcements
– Seedy Saturday, March 10, 9:30 AM to 1:30 PM, OLPH
– Caspian Acres is hiring! They are looking to hire by the end of March, with the work term starting in May for four months. For more details, visit their website.
– Katherine Gee, a former organic grain farmers co-op sales and marketing coordinator, and Deanna Hurstfield, coordinator for Kamloops Organics Buying Club, have partnered to develop a “food hub” in Kamloops: a collaboration which promotes the TNRD agricultural region, supports and increases local food production, and creates a dynamic local food economy that connects and sustains our communities. They will have a detailed description and update for the next KFPC meeting in April. Contact Katherine: Or Deanna:

Who’s Who
Breastfeeding Matters
City of Kamloops
Food Recovery
Gleaning Abundance Program
Go Forth Composting
Interior Community Services
Interior Health Authority
Kamloops Food Bank
Kamloops Food Policy Council
Kamloops Naturalist Club
Live Love Laugh Wellness Gardens
Living Arts Studio
Master Gardeners
My Place
Outdoor School
Phoenix Centre
Scoperta Resources
TRU Culinary
TRU Eco Club
TRU Education
TRU Nursing
TRU Tourism
White Buffalo
Working Group on Indigenous Food Sovereignty

Thanks to Ben Chobater for doing triple duty: Chairing the meeting, presenting in the Community Spotlight and helping with clean up!

NEXT MEETING: April 4, 2018, 5:30 – 7:30 PM Mt. Paul Community Food Centre
Chair: Glenn Hilke
Note Taker: Michelle Tsutsumi
Set Up: Donovan Cavers, Sonya Rokosh
Clean Up: Nicole Tourangeau, Jesse Ritcey