October Network Meeting – Panel Discussion
October 3, 2018

The Community Spotlight for our October Network Meeting will feature new and innovative participants in our local food system. It’s exciting to see what people are starting up and how it makes for a thriving food culture in Kamloops. Our panelists are from Caspian Acres, Hardy Hills Farm, and the new Social Enterprise project at KFPC.

Caspian Acres (Aras and Anastasia pictured at the top)
We are a small diversified farm in Cherry Creek, just west of Kamloops. Instead of focusing on one crop or livestock as most conventional farms would do, we raise many different animals and plants and focus on building relationships between all the participants on our farm. We know that it will take many years for our regenerative system to build up the fertility on the farm to the level it can fully support itself financially, but we are in it for the long run and we are excited to be able to provide some of the best local restaurants in Kamloops with high quality produce right now while we continue to build our soil and create a beautiful and resilient farm.

Hardy Hills Farm
A sustainable, regenerative pasture based farm raising beef and chicken near Chase.

KFPC’s Social Enterprise Project
Check out the latest Connector article about the Social Enterprise project (see page 13). Greg Unger is the Social Enterprise Coordinator and here are some background details about him and the project.
I love to ride my bicycle. I work for the Kamloops Farmers’ Market where I’m the market manager, and the Kamloops Food Policy Council where I’m the Social Enterprise Coordinator for the Gleaning Abundance Program (GAP). My role with GAP is to develop a social enterprise project with the excess fruit. Our hope is to start selling it, and to take the proceeds and funnel them back into the gleaning and charity parts of the program.

Join us for an evening of information-sharing, networking and our legendary potluck! Please bring a dish to share.

KFPC Network Meeting
5:30 – 7:30 PM
Mount Paul Community Food Centre
140 Laburnum Street