Changing the Face of Poverty 2021 Report

The Kamloops Food Policy Council is grateful for their time as facilitators of the Kamloops Changing the Face of Poverty (CFP). 

At the wake of the pandemic,  it became clear that our food systems in Canada are fragile and can collapse in crisis. In March 2020, KFPC stepped in as facilitators of the CFP to support the coordination of immediate food security needs. Over the past 18 months we have learned so much and are excited to share our learnings with you! We welcome you to read our newly released report “Kamloops Changing the Face of Poverty: Learnings, Transition and Recommendations” written by Emily Pletsch and Bonnie Klohn.

We would like to thank the City of Kamloops and United Way BC for their support in this work and acknowledge Kamloops and District  Elizabeth Fry Society for their role in facilitating CFP previously and moving the group forward for many years. The CFP has played an important role in Kamloops for 15 years.

We look forward to seeing what emerges from these learnings and continuing to play a role in this critical work. You can find updated versions of the emergency meals documents, the final CFP report, CFP archives, poverty reduction updates, and the anti-stigma video: “Don’t Fight the Poor, Fight Poverty” on our new Food Security webpage