Network Meeting Nov 2017

February Network Meeting
February 6, 2019 | 5:30 – 7:30 PM

Welcome back! We’re looking forward to seeing everyone after the December/January break and, of course, enjoying our legendary potluck with you.

Because it’s been a while since our last network meeting, we thought it would be nice to have the space for the network to update each other on what is happening these days. Please bring your projects, needs, and offerings to share with the group.

Please bring a dish to share!

Network Meeting Summary
December 6, 2018

Secwepemc Word of the Month: swucwt (swoo-kt) = Snow

Board Update
At the November board meeting, directors discussed the shortage of community meals resulting from the JUMP closure and the need to bring together emergency meal providers to discuss capacity and plans to improve the meal schedule in Kamloops. Directors also discussed progress made on the Community Based Food Plan Implementation Project. Policy/plan aggregation is complete and an initial meeting of plan holders is scheduled for early January 2019. Read more

December Network Meeting

We’re looking forward to continuing to build on the inspiring energy and ideas that came out of November’s network meeting discussion about what an ideal food system looks like to you. The first half of the network meeting will be devoted to furthering this discussion.

In October, we heard from new entrants to the food system. December’s agricultural panel discussion will allow us to hear about what is working well and what challenges are being faced by longstanding farmers and ranchers in our region. We’re grateful to hear from Ted Blackwell and his daughter, Laura Hunter (Blackwell Dairy), Jimmy Dhaliwal (M & J Dhaliwal Green Farm), and John Greenall (John and Judy Greenall, livestock), as they discuss regenerative food systems/agriculture, supply management and the impact of the recently negotiated U.S. Mexico Canada Agreement.

** Please note that the potluck dinner will be starting at 5:40 to accommodate our very full program **

Wednesday, December 5, 2018
5:30 – 7:30 PM
Mount Paul Community Food Centre
140 Laburnum Street

Please bring a dish to share.

Network Meeting Summary
November 7, 2018

Secwepemc Word of the Month: Tqeltkúkwpi7 (tal kook pi) = creator

Table Introductions
“What would your perfect food system look like?” (in three words)
* local                                * empowering                     * choice
* stewardship                  * regenerative                     * viable
* accessible                      * sustainable                       * variety
* sovereign                      * innovative                         * veggies
* inclusive                       * an honest reflection

Board Update

The Strategic Planning Standing Committee is meeting monthly. They met in October to get things rolling for developing the evaluation rubric — to learn more about what our membership sees as an ideal food system and find ways to measure KFPC’s success in working toward its objectives. Read more

** We have a jam-packed session planned for the November Network Meeting. Because of this, please be ready to start at 5:30 on the dot (the legendary potluck will start shortly after that) **
Read more

Network Meeting Summary
October 3, 2018

Read more

October Network Meeting – Panel Discussion
October 3, 2018

The Community Spotlight for our October Network Meeting will feature new and innovative participants in our local food system. It’s exciting to see what people are starting up and how it makes for a thriving food culture in Kamloops. Our panelists are from Caspian Acres, Hardy Hills Farm, and the new Social Enterprise project at KFPC. Read more


Network Meeting Summary
September 5, 2018

To start things off, a warm welcome was given to new Board members Lindsay Harris, Glenn Hilke, Joe Killoran, and Sian Lewis, , as well as returning Board members Carole Hebden, Laura Kalina, and Rob Wright. It’s going to be a fantastic year ahead! Read more

Join us for our September network meeting as we prepare for the 2018 Wild Salmon Caravan parade on September 29th in Chase! Kukpi Ron Ignace will share the Secwepemc Trout Children story with us and we’ll have an art project to keep your hands busy while you listen. Please bring a dish to share in our legendary potluck. Read more

Our AGM on August 1 was a combination of a beautiful space to gather (thank you, Gardengate for hosting!), an engaged group as we worked through the business portion of […]