Board Leave Announcement

The Kamloops Food Policy Council is notifying the public that our Board Co-President, Jesse Ritcey, will be on leave from the KFPC Board, effective August 24, 2022 to October 15, 2022, as he has announced his candidacy for Kamloops City Council.


The KFPC is committed to actively participating in the democratic process to raise awareness about the importance of food security for all members of our community and building the resilience of our local food system. As a registered charity and non-partisan organization, we engage in our advocacy work without endorsing any party or individual candidate running for political office.


During the local election period this fall, the KFPC will be advocating for policy recommendations that align with our vision through our Food and the City policy series. 


For more information about KFPC’s participation in public policy advocacy or to participate in our Food and the City series, please contact Lindsay Harris at