Kamloops Food Policy Council and Interior Community Services Updates

During the territory acknowledgement, Bonnie was invited to teach the group a couple of Secwepemc words, as she is taking Secwepemctsin this term from Secwepemc elder, Mona Jules.

Weyt-k – hello
Sqlelten7úwi – salmon




A candle was lit to mark the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women in remembrance of the 14 women who were killed in Montreal in 1989.





Exciting news was shared that Addie and Derek De Candole welcomed baby Lucy on November 22nd! We wish them well as they get to know their little one.

Michelle Tsutsumi was welcomed to the Communications and Administration Coordinator role. With her background in organic farming, participation with the Agriculture Advisory Committee of the TNRD, and being a part of the Wild Salmon Caravan planning committee in Chase, she is very much looking forward to contributing to the inspiring projects that KFPC is working on.

In regards to organizational development, the strategic plan is being updated, grant applications have been submitted (great news that a grant was approved to fund learning opportunities!), a new website will be launched soon, and a KFPC delegation presented to City Council on November 7, after which a policy proposal was submitted for inclusion in the Official Community Plan.

Inter-agency discussions continue with respect to household food insecurity and research priorities are being identified by ICS, Interior Health and KFPC.

The joint Annual Volunteer Appreciation and Grand Opening of the Mt. Paul Food Centre was a grand success with a live band and the opportunity for everyone to celebrate together.


With 30 people in attendance at the December Network Meeting, it was a full house and memorable evening! Not only was the evening overflowing with information about events to participate in, there was a call to action to express preferences for how the defunct golf course at McArthur Park will be transformed. With options ranging from an RV Park to a disc golf course to a cycle cross track, the Naturalist Club’s proposal to reclaim the space through pollinator gardens, educational spaces, a salmon release program, and native plant gardens is a meaningful one.

There was a wonderful brainstorming session that generated many more ideas for what could happen with McArthur Park: integrating a perennial or forest garden; highlighting native plants that are medicinal or used in teas; partnering with TRU to engage in ecological restoration that would reduce the need for irrigation or mowing; and incorporating Secwepemctsin words on interpretive signs. Any additional ideas can be sent to Jesse Ritcey at: kamloopswildgrowers@gmail.com. Please consider taking two minutes to complete the Let’s Talk survey.

The potluck was phenomenal, as usual, with cabbage rolls that disappeared in a flash and a beautiful Scandinavian dessert tree. So many of the items were well loved, recipe requests were being called out left, right, and centre.

Community Spotlight

Gisela Ruckert’s presentation, FOODprints and Footprints: Putting Our Dietary Choices Into a Planetary Context provided a comprehensive overview of how our global food system has shifted and the impacts this has had on climate change and environmental health. To highlight just a few, there have been significant shifts to:

  • more energy-intensive diets (e.g., animal based foods),
  • increased food waste,
  • a food culture where people are more disconnected with each other and where their food comes from,
  • a more industrialized model of agriculture (e.g., more chemical inputs and less crop diversity), and
  • global trade where more food is imported and processed.

Gisela, who has recently completed a Master in Sustainability Science program in Sweden, left us with several ways that we can take action:

  • stop wasting 30 – 40% of our food
  • grow your own food
  • consider reducing meat consumption (a new motto of : More Greens, Less Meat)
  • support local farmers
  • request that local government and administration serve local food
  • facilitate people’s re-skilling, resilience, and self-sufficiency
  • get political (e.g., food labeling, trade agreements that impact food and water access)
  • reduce consumerism overall

Gisela Ruckert: FOODprints and Footprints: Putting our Dietary Choices into a Planetary Context

Events & Announcements

  • TEDx Talk @ TRU: there is a call for topic submissions within the theme, Growing Through Our Truths. January 10th deadline for submissions.
  • Mexican Cooking Class (our first project with Kamloops Immigrant Services!): December 13, 1 – 4 PM, recommended donation of $15 per person, registration extended to December 12

Who’s Who

Bonnie Klohn (KFPC), Alexis Blueschke (ICS), Logan Dafoe (GAP Summer Student, TRU ECO Club), Dave Whiting, Sandra Frangiadakis (KFPC), Nicholas Adams (Makerspace), Donovan Cavers (City Council & Conscientious Catering), Ben Chobater (City of Kamloops), Gabrielle Bray (Food Bank), Jim Wentworth (Council of Canadians), Laura Kalina (Interior Health/KFPC), Michelle Tsutsumi (KFPC), Deanna Hurstfield (Kamloops Food Buying Club), Carole Hebden (KFPC Board Chair), Keira McPhee (KFPC Contractor & Content Manager of BC Food Security Gateway), Rob Wright (Garden Gate, KFPC Board), Gisela Ruckert (Transition Kamloops, Fair Vote), Nancy Rowlands, Lisa Forth (Go Forth Compost Services), Lindsay Harris (UBCO Graduate Student), Sam Birchall, Dede Bone (Mt. Paul Food Centre, KFPC Board Member), Sonya Rokosh (Garden Gate, TRU), Erica McLellan (Garden Gate), Jesse Ritcey (Kamloops Naturalist Club), Nicole Tourangeau (White Buffalo Health Society), Matt Greenwood (ASK Wellness), Jaden Penner, Ashley Robb (Farm Manager at Live Love Laugh Wellness Gardens), Katherine Gee (Interest in Food Hub).

Next Meeting

Wednesday, February 7
5:30 – 8 PM
Mt. Paul Food Centre

Chair: Matt Greenwood
Notetaker: Michelle Tsutsumi
Set Up: Katherine Gee, Dede Bone
Clean Up: Rob Wright, Carole Hebden