Due to sketchy winter driving conditions, Emily Jubenvill’s presentation was re-scheduled for our April 4 Network Meeting. With this change in plans, it provided the space for Network members to share about the good work they are doing. It was remarkable and inspiring to hear about all that is happening in the Kamloops region.

There was a particular focus on volunteer needs in the community (see the Get Involved section below), as well as an array of events and announcements.

Board Update

The KFPC is looking to increase the number of Directors from six so that capacity is expanded to keep up with the growth of KFPC. There is a nomination process that involves an application form which will be available on the website soon. The Board meets monthly with the expectation that Board Directors attend at least four Network Meetings per year. There is also a need to stay on top of communications and participate in committee(s) and working group(s). Board Directors can expect to spend 8 – 10 hours per month on Board duties.

Those with experience in policy development, entrepreneurial skills, or direct farm experience would be most welcome so that there is a broader representation from the food system community.

Staff Update
Food Safety Plans for our Gleaning Social enterprise have been completed and will be submitted for health inspection. Tons of fruit dehydration has been taking place and much of it is going to the Boys & Girls Club for snacks and programming.

Bonnie, Laura and Carole met with the City of Kamloops in relation to the Official Community Plan. The next stage is to help with implementation, which means assessing where gaps exist for indicators and what is needed to address them.

Interior Community Services (ICS) Update
With the recent approval of Mt. Paul Food Centre being a Community Food Centre, it means there will more staffing, more people participating in programs, more programs, and additional funding for renovations. This is a huge accomplishment! Mt. Paul Community Food Centre is the first one in Western Canada — congratulations to all who were involved in getting this established.

Network Updates

  • TRU Applied Sustainable Ranching – A Diploma Program that incorporates 1/2 time on farms/ranches in BC and 1/2 time in online studies. Courses cover business, diversification and applied skills, food production and environmental sustainability. The focus of the ranching is with beef cattle and sheep. For more information, visit the program website.
  • The Pollinator Survey was completed in Kamloops in 2017 following the protocols used in North America. Bees were identified according to guilds (e.g., honeybee, bumblebee, pollen pants, hairy belly, and so on). We’re hoping that Elaine Sedgman can present more fully on this at a spring Network Meeting.
  • Information was shared about an Annual Food Camp that will be starting soon, being coordinated by Minnie Kenoras (Neskonlith Community Garden and Ask Auntie), and the possibility of a presentation to the Network.
  • With a new truck, the Food Bank has increased capacity for food donations. In addition, the Food Bank has partnered with ASK Wellness and will be delivering to Maverick and Fountain to alleviate travel challenges.
  • The Stuart Wood Emergency Winter Shelter will be closing at the end of March. There was a 150% increase in users since October 2016 and no one knows where they will be going when the shelter closes. KFPC Board representation was requested at the Community Action Team Meeting on February 19th, 1:30 – 3:30 at the Park Avenue Activity Centre.
  • Rural Development Engagement: The B.C. Government is committed to developing a new, long-term, durable Rural Development Strategy that works for all rural British Columbians. The purpose of this new Strategy is to support rural and Indigenous communities build economically resilient and sustainable futures.
    Therefore, as an initial step, we are undertaking focussed engagement with Indigenous people and rural British Columbians to seek advice on the needs and priorities of rural communities.
    We would like to invite you to make written submissions and participate in the online discussion through government’s engagement website at engage.gov.bc.ca/ruraldevelopment.  The online discussions and engagement will be open until February 28, 2018 at 4 p.m.
  • A regular Permaculture Meeting is starting up at Living Arts Studio. For information, questions or comments, call Shelaigh at 250-852-0681 or email at edenquest@me.com

Get Involved – Volunteer Opportunities

  • Develop an Eat Local Challenge in Kamloops
  • Create a ‘Spotlight on Food’ campaign to keep food at the forefront during the Municipal Election
  • Help with the KFPC Seed Library display at Kamloops Seedy Saturday (March 10th). Seedy Saturday information is also on Facebook.
  • Participate in a Seed Library Advisory Committee (also looking for a new name for the committee) to facilitate proper seed saving techniques so that the seed library is genetically diverse and viable.
  • Facilitate a Menu of Learning Workshop (recent ones have included knife sharpening, microgreens, zero waste, and food skils).
  • Provide professional level photography for KFPC events and special projects.

If you are interested in any of the volunteer opportunities listed above, please contact kamloopsfoodpolicy@gmail.com.

  • Help with Point in Time surveys from March 27 (starting at 9 PM) to March 28 (ending at 4 PM). Contact Glenn at JUMP if you would like to help with this: (250) 879-0465.
  • February 22, 1:30 – 3 PM: Participate in Be the Change Group to help track the health of the water system in the BC Interior. Four more focus group members are needed. Each member receives a $30 honorarium. Contact Cynthia: cynthialifeskills@gmail.com for more information.

Events & Announcements

  • Applications are now being accepted for the 2nd Annual Ideas Fest. 2018’s theme is Climate Change.
  • March 17: Indian Cuisine Workshop, a partnership between KFPC and Kamloops Immigrant Services
  • April 5 – 11: Breastfeeding Art Expo makes its last stop in Kamloops to wind up a BC-wide tour. The exhibit will be at the Mastermind Film Studio, with an opening reception on April 5 from 6 – 9 PM.
  • April 28: Green Living Expo
  • June 23: Peace, Social Justice & Environment Walk, starting at Stuart Wood Elementary School at 1 PM. If you would like to help organize, please contact Kamloops Chapter of the Council of Canadians: (250) 377-0055.

Who’s Who
Arwen’s Apparel
ASK Wellness
Bauta Family Initiative for Canadian Seed Security
City of Kamloops
Food Bank
Food Recovery
GAP Volunteers
Garden Gate
Interior Health
Kamloops Naturalist Club
Kamloops Food Hub Researcher
Kamloops Organic Food Buying Club
Living Arts Studio
Master Gardeners
Mt. Paul Community Food Centre
My Place
Organic farmers
Our Heart Gardens
TRU Applied Sustainable Ranching
White Buffalo

Next Meeting
Wednesday, March 7
5:30 – 7:30 PM
Mt. Paul Community Food Centre

Chair: Natalie Serl
Notetaker: Michelle Tsutsumi
Set Up: Gabrielle Bray, Katherine Gee
Clean Up: Ben Chobater, Shelaigh Garson