** We have a jam-packed session planned for the November Network Meeting. Because of this, please be ready to start at 5:30 on the dot (the legendary potluck will start shortly after that) **

KFPC Evolution
We will spend some time at the meeting getting feedback from members about what an ideal food system would look like for Kamloops. This will be an important step to build on the strategic plan recently created by the KFPC Board. The information will be used to create an evaluation framework to help us understand what success looks like and the best way to create the food system we want to see. You don’t need to bring anything for this activity, but could spend time thinking about what it would look like if Kamloops had an ideal food system.

Community Spotlight with Kamloops Public Market Coop
“Co-operatives take an ethical, sustainable approach to business by considering not only the economic impacts of their activities, but also their social/cultural and environmental impacts” (BC Cooperative Association, www.bcca.coop). Co-operatives can take many forms, acting on the needs of the user: consumers who want better pricing for their product, workers who wish to come together and provide their goods or services, or non-profits looking to provide a service or amenity to fulfill a need. In many parts of Canada, co-operatives have provided a platform to help people help themselves, as well as others within their community. Having said that, this business model has not been used much in the Interior of BC and our group seeks to provide information to others about the benefits of co-operatives, and in doing so, express how this project is a perfect fit for the non-profit co-operative model under which we have incorporated.

The amenity of the Kamloops Public Market Cooperative (KPM Coop) will serve two broad purposes. It will create a public market space for local businesses (preference given to cooperative models) to incubate and grow. It will also serve as a community gathering space for community groups or individuals to use the proposed indoor and outdoor flex spaces in a myriad of ways, bolstering connections between all users of the facility.

As a non-profit cooperative, financial dividends will not be returned to individuals within the membership, rather, the KPM Coop will reinvest in marketing opportunities for the business membership, enhancing the facility for the greater community and aspiring to reach many consumer members with workshops and other educational opportunities. The KPM Coop will strive towards a sustainable operation financially, socially and environmentally and will seek every opportunity to link business, community groups and families. To name a few examples, this organization endeavours to support many cycles: cooperative business incubation; waste reduction by using food waste for composting in the rooftop garden; and connectivity between generations in a proposed community commercial kitchen.

For a broader understanding about the co-operative model and the Kamloops Public Market Cooperative project, please attend the KFPC network meeting on November 7, 2018.

5:30 – 7:30 PM
Mount Paul Community Food Centre
140 Laburnum Street
*Please bring a dish to share in our legendary potluck*