Other Local Food Resources

Other Local Food Resources

heartland foodsThere are numerous groups and coalitions in Kamloops that are taking an active role in promoting food security in our region.  This page showcases these projects and organizations.

 The Make Children First Coalition

Make Children First (MCF) is a community coalition of individuals and organizations who believe that it takes the whole community to raise a child. The Make Children First coalition strives to make Kamloops the best possible place to raise young children by following their mission:

“To enhance the ability of our community to support the healthy development of children and their families.”


Kamloops Friendly Breast Feeding Places

View Breast Feeding Friendly, Family Friendly in Kamloops in a larger map


  • The Purple Balloon Signifies Family Friendly (These places specifically welcome and include families).
  • The Pink Balloon Signifies Breast Feeding Friendly (These places accept and support breast feeding).
  • The Red Balloon signifies Both Family Friendly & Breast Feeding Friendly.
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