Community Food Action Program

The Community Food Action Program (CFAP) began in April 2012, is a year-round program composed of four major elements. These elements work in tandem to maximize efficiency of services and resources. The program provides educational, poverty relief, nutritional, volunteer, economic, food security and food sharing opportunities for all ages in the community.

The program is made possible by the financial support of the IHA Community Food Initiative, United Way, City of Kamloops, and the BC Gaming Community Fund.

Community benefits include food recovery as food is diverted from landfills, peer support, bear aware actions, increased food security, fresh and free produce to the impoverished and program volunteers, civic participation, awareness of local policy initiatives, community building, and food sharing in a variety of outlets.

The KFPC-CFAP partnership has been ongoing with some two dozen agencies, representing the non-profit, government, and private sectors. Partnerships help to promote, educate, and assist to facilitate coordination and distribution of information and produce from these four food security programs.

The five components of the CFAP are as follows:

  1. Networking Meetings
  2. Gleaning Abundance Program (GAP)
  3. Farm to School BC
  4. Food and Gardening Workshops
  5. Seed Library & Seed Cleaning
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