GAP – Gleaning Abundance Program

GAP – Gleaning Abundance Program

13-donate-food-lgThe GAP recently received a three year grant from the Interior Health Authority (IHA) to coordinate an IHA wide food security,  food gleaning and food recovery initiative, beginning in Kamloops, that will assist, facilitate and collaborate with similar programs in other municipalities, as those presently being developed in Kamloops.

The Kamloops GAP has begun recruiting volunteers at the local farmers markets and through social media. We expect to sign up 200 households for the gleaning of fruit trees, home gardens and farm harvests , and we are setting a goal to enlist 100 volunteers by October.

The GAP will bring insured  volunteer pickers to gleaning sites free of charge.  GAP pickers then share the harvest with owners, food agencies and amongst themselves.

This equal 1/3 division of food resources is a win/win situation for all.

Should the volunteers and / or owners choose not to keep their shares, then the total harvest is distributed to food security agencies that use the resources to empower and facilitate healthy meals and healthy lifestyle transitions for low-income families, individuals, the working poor and the homeless.

The goal of the GAP is to ensure that good healthy food does not go to waste, but instead, becomes a powerful resource, community organizing tool, and empowering catalyst for other stakeholders in the food security community  and First Nations groups to use and  bolster their services.

Join the program:

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