Our Vision

In the fall and early winter of 2017/2018, we delved into reflecting on where and how we can make a difference. These are the goals we’ve committed to and the vision, mission and values they are grounded in.

Vision – What Do We Want to See?

A regenerative food system –> Our local food system is regenerative, sovereign and just.

Regenerative food systems endeavour to increase biodiversity, enrich soil, improve water cycles, enhance ecosystems, develop resilience to climate fluctuation, and strengthen the health and vitality of their communities by supporting local growers, using fair and equitable labour practices, and improving access to culturally relevant food.

Mission – Our Role in Achieving the Vision

Building grassroots community capacity around food through policy, programs, education, and partnerships.

Values – What We Stand For
Our values are inspired by the Seven Pillars of Food Sovereignty, developed by the International Forum for Food Sovereignty and members of the Indigenous Circle during the People’s Food Policy process.

We value:

  • A resilient food system: healthy land and water
  • Alleviation of poverty: equitable access to healthy, culturally appropriate food
  • Local economic vitality: support for regional food providers
  • Our network: celebrating people as gifts and the cultivation of connections
  • Indigenous food sovereignty: decolonizing relations and the restoration of ecological food systems
  • Food literacy: intergenerational knowledge transfer and sharing best practices and research
  • Food commons: the revitalization of local food assets and the sharing economy

Our Goals

Cultivate meaningful partnerships

  • Provide a forum for networking
  • Engage with others in addressing community needs
  • Contribute to Indigenous Food Sovereignty initiatives
  • Support community-based research related to food systems

 Influence policy

  • Strategically contribute to plans and policies at all government levels
  • Strive for excellence in internal governance
  • Bring people together to provide input into food policy

Implement community-based food programs

  •  Act as an umbrella organization for individuals and groups pursuing new food initiatives
  • Continue to grow the Community Food Action Program

Provide community education to support food literacy by:

  • Contribute to public education on food
  • Foster learning amongst staff, board and volunteers


We could not do the important work we do without the support of our generous sponsors:

We acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia