Our Team

We are proud of our collaborative leadership model shared between three staff members, with strong leadership direction from the Board of Directors. Our newly revised strategic plan guides our work and clearly defines staff structure and roles.

Our strength has always been in our ability to bring people together, so this model mirrors the flexible and nimble structure of our network. It helps to create shared knowledge, diversity, and increased resiliency.


Food Action Lead

Sandra has been the fearless leader of our food action program since 2014. Her secret power is creating connections in the food community. Like a gardener, she tends to the program as it grows along with the needs of the community and food system.


Communications Lead

Michelle is the communications guru for the Kamloops Food Policy Council. She ensures our story is being shared so that everyone can follow the narrative of our work. She is also an organic farmer at Golden Ears Farm in Chase.


Food Policy Lead

Bonnie works to interweave food policy with our food programs to create systemic change. She also facilitates financial planning. Bonnie’s super power is the ability to bring clarity to intensely complex situations.


Social Enterprise Coordinator

Greg runs workshops to preserve the abundance of fruit that thrives in Kamloops. PopCycle, a social enterprise that transforms the overabundance of GAP harvests into tasty fruitpops, launched in Spring 2019. Greg’s super power is reducing food waste through fruitpop peddling, making KFPC more self-sustaining.

Board Members

Carole Hebden- Chair

Laura Kalina
Honorary Director & Founding Member

Lindsay Harris – Vice President

UBCO PhD Candidate

Rob Wright- Treasurer

Gardengate, Open Door Group

Sian Lewis – Secretary

Phoenix Centre

Glenn Hilke


Curious about getting involved at the Board level?
Here are some details about what it means to be on the KFPC Board:
Terms of Reference

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