Networking Meetings

Networking Meetings


A key component of the KFPC’s identity is our monthly networking meetings; we meet on the first Wednesday of each month at the Mt Paul United Church (140 Laburnum St) for a potluck dinner to share ideas and spread enthusiasm for local food. We usually meet around 6:15pm, but check the website or facebook page to confirm. Meeting agendas will be posted on the website a few days in advance.

Any one is welcome to attend these meetings, consider attending if you don’t already!

There are a few key components of these monthly meetings:

  1. Provide a monthly forum for participants to network, collaborate, and participate in opportunities to enhance and maximize developments in the planning, delivery, and evaluation of food security and nutrition-related programs and services.
  2. Foster increased understanding and interaction on food security issues between all types of organizations by increasing communication, interaction, cooperation, and collaboration of community-based action groups, city and regional organizations.
  3. Support existing programs by providing community development, organization, food and nutrition expertise in the development and coordination of food security initiatives.
  4. Provide a space for communication to discuss opportunities for education about hunger and food security issues in the Kamloops region.
  5. Advocate for non-partisan public policy that will improve food security and health of residents, and promote an increased understanding of public policy at the community level. Food policy may include (but will not be limited to) increasing food access, increasing support of local food production through the support of local farmers, and through the promotion of home and community gardening, and the promotion of sustainable agriculture.
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