Knife-Sharpening Workshop

Are you tired of dull knives? Come out and and hone your sharpening skills at this Kamloops Food Policy Council fun, hands-on workshop!

Lawrence Barichello will demonstrate and guide us through some basic principles of sharpening. He will also discuss how to flatten and maintain sharpening stones. We will have a number of different stones and tools to work with, so everyone can practice with a variety of equipment.

Bring along a couple of knives to work on, any stones you have, and if you can, a magnifying glass so you can get a really good look at the surfaces we’ll be working on!

December Network Meeting: Next Level Food System Visioning & Agricultural Panel Discussion

We’re looking forward to continuing to build on the inspiring energy and ideas that came out of November’s network meeting discussion about what an ideal food system looks like to you. The first half of the network meeting will be devoted to furthering this discussion.

In October, we heard from new entrants to the food system. December’s agricultural panel discussion will allow us to hear about what is working well and what challenges are being faced by longstanding farmers and ranchers in our region. We’re grateful to hear from Ted Blackwell and his daughter, Laura Hunter (Blackwell Dairy), Jimmy Dhaliwal (M & J Dhaliwal Green Farm), and John Greenall (John and Judy Greenall, livestock), as they discuss regenerative food systems/agriculture, supply management and the impact of the recently negotiated U.S. Mexico Canada Agreement.

** Please note that the potluck dinner will be starting at 5:40 to accommodate our very full program. Please bring a dish to share! **


Knife Sharpening Workshop

Our popular knife-sharpening workshop is back, just in time for the holiday season. Whether you need to get your carving knife ready for a Christmas turkey or just want to sharpen your skills, join us for a hands-on session of learning with Lawrence Barichello, our knife-sharpening guru. You will learn about types of knives, whetstones and other sharpening equipment, how to store and maintain knives, and have the chance to work on your own knives with some expert supervision.

Veggie Fermentation Learning Party

Pumpkins of Light

Come join us for a fun, family oriented night!! Wander down a path of hundreds of lit jack o’ lanterns carved by the Kamloops community.


Permaculture & Urban Agriculture 4-Part Series

This 4-part series is an Intro to Permaculture & Urban Agriculture, followed by a tour of an Urban farm and introduction to Gardengate’s programs to produce. Week 3 is facilitated by Gleaning Abundance at the Mount Paul Community Food Centre with hands-on harvesting prep for their new social enterprise with the Boys and Girls Club. Week 4 is an Introduction to the new Seed Library & how it works, with demos on seed saving and use of the winnower! This will take place at the Mount Paul Community Food Centre.

Please contact Kamloops Adult Learning Society to register: www.kals.ca $15 annual membership and $20 fee for the 4-session series…What a deal! Facilitated by Shelaigh Garson, Rob Wright and Sandra Frangiadakis.

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Wild Salmon Caravan Trout Children Story Telling

Join us for our September network meeting as we prepare for the 2018 Wild Salmon Caravan parade on September 29th in Chase! Kukpi Ron Ignace will share the Secwepemc Trout Children story with us and we’ll have an art project to keep your hands busy while you listen. Please bring a dish to share in our legendary potluck.

July KFPC Network Meeting

Join us for a soft launch of our website and giving it a try. And, of course, enjoy our legendary potluck. Please bring a dish to share. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Rock the Walk

The 43rd Annual Walk for Peace, the Environment, and Social Justice begins at noon, followed by a celebration with food trucks, kid’s activities, artisan vendors and community info booths. We will have a table there to promote the Gleaning Abundance Program, Seed Library and other KFPC projects!