November network potluck was our largest yet!

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November network potluck was our largest yet!

Our last meeting our biggest ever with over 40 people in attendance, and a phenomenal potluck!

We learned a lot about the some of the work that is happening in our community to help provide resources and support to those who are struggling against homelessness. Specifically, we heard about the My Place program, the Life Skills Network and the Lived Experience Committee from Glenn Hilke and Cynthia Travers.
We also heard from Lindsay Harris who is a researcher at UBCO working with the Kamloops Food Policy Council on her PhD dissertation.
Finally, Hannah Juras shared information about Serve, a program that will give non-profits an opportunity to have a group of youth volunteers next summer from July 1st through 7th.
There are attachments in the meeting minutes that provide more information about all of these important and helpful programs and initiatives, so please check it out here: Nov 1, 2017 KFPC Minutes
See you on December 6th.
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Oct 4 Minutes

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Oct 4 Minutes

October is Farm to School month, and we heard from Paul Denby (teacher at Arthur Hatton Elementary) and Vessy Mochikas (principal at Brock Middle School) about what they are doing through their Farm to School BC programs at each of their schools, it was very inspirational!

Check out the minutes from our last meeting, and we look forward to seeing you at the November 1 meeting!

KFPC Minutes Oct 4, 2017

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Sept 6 Minutes

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We heard from three of the mayoral candidates, it was an enlightening meeting! It was wonderful to hear from each of them and ask specific questions related to food security and food sovereignty.

The by-election is coming up on September 30, use these minutes if you missed the meeting to inform your decision for mayor!

KFPC Minutes Sept 6, 2017 final

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August 2 Minutes

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We had a great meeting in August, hearing from TRU’s Courtney Mason about his work with indigenous food systems. It was a great turn out even in the summertime, foodies like to meet and chat about how their gardens are growing!

KFPC Minutes August 2, 2017

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July 5, 2017 Minutes

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Here are the minutes from our July 5 meeting; we learned more about JUMP and their history as well as the work they are doing now. We also heard from Go Forth Composting and the TRU Food Bank.

As for the KFPC, the board has started new working groups, are working on a social enterprise endevaor with generous funding from the Sprott Foundation, and heard an update about the Wild Salmon Caravan coming into town on October 11th. Thanks to everyone who attended, and we will see you at the next meeting on August 2!

KFPC Minutes July 5th, 2017

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May 3 Minutes

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We had a great meeting on May 3, with a smaller group we got to do more catching up! We heard from Gardengate and their plant sales, as well as from Shelaigh hosting a couple of great permaculture workshops.

KFPC Minutes May 3, 2017

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