What do you think about the expansion plans for the Tournament Capital Ranch? Since some of the land is part of the ALR, there are ideas about supporting sustainable farming on the ranch, including incubator farm for new farmers and an agriculture trade show and events center. We like those ideas!

Talk to the city at the farmers’ market booths on August 6 and 9, at an open house on August 14, or through their online survey. Go to the city’s website for more information.

Changes to the bylaws of the Kamloops Food Policy Council will be considered by the membership at the Annual General Meeting to be held on Wednesday, May 14, 2014 at Mt. Paul United Church commencing at 5:00 PM.  The current bylaws, together with the Certificate of Incorporation under the Societies Act and the constitution of the Kamloops Food Policy Council are found in the following document.

KFPC society registration, constitution and bylaws

The proposed changes are to the bylaws only.  These changes result from a series of meetings of the Kamloops Food Policy Council led by Glenn Hilke and by Mike Simpson.  The intent of the changes to the proposed bylaws is to provide a structure for the governance of the organization that meets current needs.  Please review the following document prior to the AGM.

KFPC governance – draft 10apr14

flyercolourwebCorporations in Our Heads

Interactive Community Dialogue Theatre

No actors. No play. No script.
Theatre without a net – just you, the audience!


Kamloops Yacht Club
1140 River St.

Friday November 22
Saturday November 23

Performance 7:30
Potluck 6:30

Investigate how conflicting corporate, media, government and NGO messages impact our lives and polarize our community into ‘us’ and ‘them’

This theatre experience explores how strategic messages influence the community at large and investigates the informed or misinformed choices we make as a result. The fundamental goal of this type of theatre is to make the event relevant, at a grassroots level, using the momentum to move forward as a cohesive healthy community. You the audience choose the stories and decide how to dramatize them… YOU ARE THE EXPERTS OF YOUR OWN LIVES !

Phone 250.879.0465  |    Email glennhilke(at)yahoo.com
About Theatre For Living
http://www.headlinestheatre.com and https://www.facebook.com/TheatreForLiving on Facebook.

Attention Development Community!

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You are invited to the Kamloops Affordable Housing Development Forum 2013, taking place on Thursday November 14th at the Coast Hotel and Conference Centre, and brought to you by the City of Kamloops, in partnership with the Kamloops Housing Board and the Kamloops Working Group on Homelessness. Read more

09-23-13 - Open House - ktw-page-0The Open House dates are as follows:

October 3 – Bert Edwards Elementary

October 21 – Tournament Capital Ranch

October 23 – Interior Savings Center: Parkside Lounge

October 24 – Barnhartvale Community Hall

All Open Houses are drop-in events. Light refreshments will be served.

For those not able to attend an open house all documents available at the events are also online at www.kamloops.ca/environment/land-publicparticipation.shtml

Please join Malcolm Allen, Member of Parliament for Welland and NDP Agriculture Critic as he tours the country with his “Farm to Fork” tour.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013
4:00 – 6:00 PM

Mohave Room, Desert Gardens Community Centre

540 Seymour Street, Kamloops

RSVP – crawfordndp@gmail.com

Because Canadians deserve practical policies that grow our rural economies, produce nutritious local food and protect our land.

Canada is without a comprehensive food policy—lagging behind other industrial countries in the OECD, like England and Australia.

Now the United Nations has raised serious concerns about food security in Aboriginal communities and a lack of a coordinated food strategy in Canada.

That’s why Canada’s New Democrats are calling on the Government of Canada to implement a pan-Canadian Food Strategy to:

  • support farmers
  • improve access to healthy food
  • market Canadian food at home and abroad.

The Kamloops Food Policy Council has put into action several initiatives in order to bring a discussion about food policy into the forefront of the upcoming provincial election.
Our campaign included the following:

  1. Six letters-to-the editor that highlight provincial government policy directions detailed in the BC Food Systems Network position paper.
  2. A questionnaire distributed to each candidate designed to reveal personal experience and party policies as they relate to food security for BC.
  3. An invitation to all BC Election Candidates to attend the event LET’S TALK ABOUT FOOD, which was held on April 3rd, 2013.

Read more

TRU AGSC Poster Session

The Agricultural Sciences class at TRU is holding a poster session this coming Monday, April 8 from 2:30 to 4:20 pm in room S337 (Science building at TRU Kamloops Campus). This year the students have worked in partnership with the City of Kamloops to develop posters related to Kamloops Agriculture Area Plan. Drop by anytime between 2:30 and 4:20 pm to learn more about the plan and some of the priority issues that have been identified. See the attached poster for more details.

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We’d like to encourage everyone to take a look at the Public Produce Strategic Report that some of our members were instrumental in developing. If you’re wondering about how the Kamloops Public Produce Project came to be, or where it’s going, many answers may be found in here!  There are many wild and wonderful things that could happen with the public produce movement in our city (and province, and country), with support in the right places.

We are currently working on the next phase of the project, which we’re calling Phase III: Public Produce in Your Own Backyard. This next step will lend support and guidance to other organizations and communities who hope to start their own public produce project. If this is something that you or your group is interested in pursuing, get in touch with us at the Public Produce Project and we’ll keep you updated on the next exciting developments! (publicproduceproject@gmail.com)

Without further adieu.. the Public Produce Strategy Report Sept2012 !

The City of Kamloops is asking for input as they develop the agricultural area plan.

From their website:

“An agricultural area plan focuses on a community’s farm area to discover practical solutions to issues and identify opportunities to strengthen farming and ultimately to contribute to agriculture and the community’s long-term sustainability. Through public consultation, an agriculture area plan was identified as a priority of the Sustainable Kamloops Plan.

At this time, we are requesting your help as consumers, retailers and producers in the City of Kamloops to share your thoughts on agriculture in Kamloops. Public input is a necessary part of the planning process and your information will help guide the development of the Plan.”

There are three surveys available; one for consumers, one for retailers, and one for producers. An individual is welcome to complete as many surveys as are applicable to him or her.  Let’s take part in this project to make sure that our city has an Agricultural Plan that truly represents all its citizens – please provide your answers, and share the link to the surveys with your friends and family in the Kamloops area!

Click here for more information and a link to each survey.

Thank you!