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Veggie Fermentation Learning Party

Fermentation is a great way of preserving the harvest and producing your own nutritious snacks and condiments. Have you been wanting to get in on the fermentation trend, but just haven’t gotten around to it? Or maybe you’ve dabbled at fermenting, but want to try something different?

Picturing an Ideal Food System & News from the Kamloops Public Market Coop

Network Meeting Summary November 7, 2018 Secwepemc Word of the Month: Tqeltkúkwpi7 (tal kook pi) = creator Table Introductions “What would your perfect food system look like?” (in three words) * local                                * empowering                     * choice * stewardship                  * regenerative                     * viable * accessible                      * sustainable                       * variety * sovereign                      * innovative                         * veggies […]

Exciting Additions to Our Local Food System!

October Network Meeting – Panel Discussion October 3, 2018 The Community Spotlight for our October Network Meeting will feature new and innovative participants in our local food system. It’s exciting to see what people are starting up and how it makes for a thriving food culture in Kamloops. Our panelists are from Caspian Acres, Hardy […]


Help Us to Call the Salmon Home

Join us for our September network meeting as we prepare for the 2018 Wild Salmon Caravan parade on September 29th in Chase! Kukpi Ron Ignace will share the Secwepemc Trout Children story with us and we’ll have an art project to keep your hands busy while you listen. Please bring a dish to share in […]


Amazing 2018 AGM!

Our AGM on August 1 was a combination of a beautiful space to gather (thank you, Gardengate for hosting!), an engaged group as we worked through the business portion of the meeting (wow, so impressed with how people were sticking with the process to find a way through some challenging scenarios), and of course, an […]


A Garden Stroll, You Say?

Join us for our AGM on August 1. Following the meeting, we will savour our Legendary Potluck al fresco. Enjoy a stroll through the garden at your leisure and see the fantastic things going on at Gardengate. We look forward to seeing you there!