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Nourish Sneak Peek – Fish Bowl Style

Network Meeting Summary March 6, 2019 Secwepemc Word of the Month: Teyt (Tie-et) = hungry Circle Introductions: A project that gives me confidence we are moving in the right direction on household food insecurity is… When it comes to household food insecurity, we cannot neglect to… KFPC Board Update Board and staff are participating in […]

Sneak Peek of Nourish Kamloops Forum

March Network Meeting In preparation for the upcoming Nourish event, our March meeting will be focusing on dialogue around the root causes of household food insecurity. We will be piloting a facilitation method that is held in the round, promoting authentic dialogue between speakers and the audience. We will be featuring Joanne Bays, a population […]

Community Reconnect

Network Meeting Summary ~ February 6 2019 Secwepemc Word of the Month: s7istk = winter; c7ístkten = winter home Table Introductions: Who was your most memorable teacher? KFPC Board Update Glenn and Joe addressed the decrease in accessible meals by hosting a meeting with 25 people who are providing emergency meals in Kamloops. Many had […]

February Network Meeting: Time to Reconnect

February Network Meeting February 6, 2019 | 5:30 – 7:30 PM Welcome back! We’re looking forward to seeing everyone after the December/January break and, of course, enjoying our legendary potluck with you. Because it’s been a while since our last network meeting, we thought it would be nice to have the space for the network […]


SEED: The Untold Story

Few things on Earth are as miraculous and vital as seeds. Worshipped and treasured since the dawn of humankind. SEED: The Untold Story follows passionate seed keepers protecting our 12,000 year-old food legacy. In the last century, 94% of our seed varieties have disappeared. As biotech chemical companies control the majority of our seeds, farmers, […]

Picturing an Ideal Food System & News from the Kamloops Public Market Coop

Network Meeting Summary November 7, 2018 Secwepemc Word of the Month: Tqeltkúkwpi7 (tal kook pi) = creator Table Introductions “What would your perfect food system look like?” (in three words) * local                                * empowering                     * choice * stewardship                  * regenerative                     * viable * accessible                      * sustainable                       * variety * sovereign                      * innovative                         * veggies […]