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Minutes, December 04, 2013

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December 4, 2013 @ 5:00 p.m.

Mt. Paul United Church

Kamloops, BC



L. Kalina, Co-Chair

P. Rubinson, Co-Chair

C. Hebden, Secretary

A. Grube, Director, Farmers Market Board, GE-Free Kamloops

D. Bone, Director, Community Kitchen Coordinator

S. Garson, Director, Community Gardens

D. Whiting, Director, Fraser Basin Council

R. Dieni, Food Activist, Entrepreneur

M. Rubinson, Farmers Market Board

S. Hardman, Sustainability Coordinator, City of Kamloops

K. Williams, GAP Coordinator

M. Corrigan, Urban Grower

K. Corrigan, Urban Grower

S. Frangiadakis, MEd candidate and GAP Researcher

N. Ashmore, Urban Grower, Teacher

E. Sedgman, Training Coordinator with Thompson-Shuswap Master Gardener Ass.

R. Wright, Open Door, Garden Gate

S. O’Neill, Public Health dietetic intern

J. Neville, Gardener, Food security advocate, Community Kitchen Volunteer

L. Carty

Regrets: Keira MacPhee, D. Nelson, J. Casorso, D. Cavers


WELCOME by L. Kalina, Co-Chair


L. Kalina – work on our new website has progressed with thanks to K. Williams for technical development and to D. Whiting and C. Hebden for populating the site with information.  D. Whiting demonstrated the website for everyone and explained it can be easily maintained by our members.  A new website is important because of the communication required for new funding sources that will look first to our website for confirmation of our activities, stability, and credibility.  L. Kalina pointed out that the KFPC logo is a work in progress.  So too is the GAP logo.  Need to become independent from IH – for eg. people interested in keeping current with KFPC activities can sign up online to receive email notices of our activities, RSS feeds, links to our Facebook pages, etc.

L. Kalina – Governance Update – 2 meetings were held in Nov.  An application has been submitted in partnership with Fraser Basin Council to the City Social Planning Committee.  We will know in January if we have been funded and the money will assist us to develop a strategic plan for KFPC.

A funding proposal has been submitted to Gaming Commission for money to hire a manager for Public Produce and Gleaning Abundance Program and also to help coordinate KFPC activities.



(1) City of Kamloops – is forming an Urban Agriculture Committee to move forward with a new Urban Agriculture Plan for the City of Kamloops. J. Casorso is seeking direction on the draft terms of reference as per City Council request.  Specifically, she needs to know (i) Who are the key stakeholders that should be a part of an Urban Agriculture Steering Committee and (ii) What are some of the key objectives/outputs or mandate that the draft Terms of Reference should refer to?

A KFPC Directors’ Working Group will put a call out to all members for input and then compile the input and make a submission to J. Casorso in the next 2-3 days.

Council members in attendance offered some initial suggestions as follows:

(i) Who are the key stakeholders that should be a part of an Urban Agriculture Steering Committee?

Urban Hen, Beekeepers, GE-Free Kamloops, Community Kitchen, Gardengate, Master Gardeners, Farm2Chef Collaborative, SPIN Farmer, Homebuilders Association, Neighbourhood Association, First Nations Agriculture, Organic Producers Association

(ii) What are some of the key objectives/outputs or mandate that the draft Terms of Reference should refer to?

protecting urban agriculture lands

by-laws for urban area that require urban agriculture to be incorporated

by-laws that do not prevent urban agriculture

end goal is urban growers are supplying Kamloops with food other than grains and meats

an inventory of urban lands available for food production

encouragement for homeowners to grow own food eg. Cap water rates for food production

local food distribution system enhancement


(2) A.Grube – asked KFPC to submit a letter re: ALR proposed changes.  C. Hebden and A. Grube to draft a letter for KFPC Executive signature.

Next Meetings:  January 16 and February 26, 2014

Meeting Adjourned

ADDENDUM to the Minutes:

L. Kalina received the financial report for KFPC.

Motion by L. Kalina.  Seconded by C. Hebden:  “That the gleaning funds are internally restricted and not to be used for any purposes other than the gleaning program.”  Approved by Executive.








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April 3 2013, LET’S TALK ABOUT FOOD 5:30 Mt. Paul United Church

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The Kamloops Food Policy Council is hosting “Let’s Talk About Food” on Wednesday, April 3 at Mt. Paul United Church (140 Laburnum St. on the North Shore) from 5:30 till 8:00 PM.

All members are encouraged to attend. An invitation has been sent to elected officials and BC political candidates to join us for the entire event. “Let’s Talk About Food” is an opportunity for sharing information and networking, as well as participating in focused facilitated discussion on specific food policy themes.

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Food Security: Letters-to-the-Editor in Kamloops Daily News

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Minutes January 23, 2013

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Minutes of meeting, January 23, 2013

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AGM and Presentation (Kamloops Agriculture Area Plan)

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 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING:  The Kamloops Food Policy Council cordially invites members and guests of the Council to the Annual General Meeting.  The agenda will be posted soon.  Save the Date.


Date:  20th February 2013 

Time: 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm 

Venue: Tournament Capital Centre

910 McGill Road

Meeting Rooms C & D

Free parking 

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