Amazing Apricots


Once again, I am in awe of the incredible abundance of apricots produced in our area. Canada does not even figure in the ranks of worldwide apricot production, which is topped by countries like Turkey, Iran and the Mediterranean lands – but they certainly thrive here in the Southern Interior.

While not everyone is a fan, to me they are sweet and succulent and I enjoy every delicious morsel. An excellent source of vitamin A, and a good source of vitamin C, copper, dietary fiber and potassium, apricots are not always given the respect they deserve.

So far this year we’ve organized 16 apricot harvests and gleaned over 3000 pounds, but there are approximately 150 apricot trees on our GAP list, so that probably means a lot of unpicked fruit and disappointed tree-owners. Each year we ponder how to capitalize on this abundance and turn what is often seen as a nuisance into the cherished resource it should be. This year, through our social enterprise project, we’ve processed and frozen a small freezerful of apricots to donate to the Boys & Girls Club and also to use for product development over winter. It’s a start – and while we’re in the kitchen cooking up apricot jam or salsa or chutney, we’ll be thinking about 2019 . . .