Exciting Additions to Our Local Food System!

October Network Meeting – Panel Discussion
October 3, 2018

The Community Spotlight for our October Network Meeting will feature new and innovative participants in our local food system. It’s exciting to see what people are starting up and how it makes for a thriving food culture in Kamloops. Our panelists are from Caspian Acres, Hardy Hills Farm, and the new Social Enterprise project at KFPC. Read more

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Why We’re Switching to a Quarters Model

KFPC Customer Discovery Survey

Kamloops Food Policy Council’s Gleaning Abundance Program (GAP) is trying something new. We’re switching from a thirds model to a quarters model. What does this mean, you ask? It means that we’re starting up a social enterprise to help subsidize our operation!
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The Power of Story: Trout Children with Kukpi Ron Ignace


Network Meeting Summary
September 5, 2018

To start things off, a warm welcome was given to new Board members Lindsay Harris, Glenn Hilke, Joe Killoran, and Sian Lewis, , as well as returning Board members Carole Hebden, Laura Kalina, and Rob Wright. It’s going to be a fantastic year ahead! Read more