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Co-Creating a Thriving Food System

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Co-Creating a Thriving Food System

March truly feels like the month where life re-emerges from the hibernation of winter and this means reveling in rejuvenation and participation. This is also a time when the KFPC begins our monthly column in the Connector! KFPC is excited to be able to share stories about our vibrant food community and the ways in which this community is impacting food sovereignty in the region. The inaugural KFPC Connector article (see page 3) offers three ways that people can be a part of co-creating a thriving food system.

Also of note is the United Way’s Public Policy Institute, a six-month leadership program covering topics such as: policy options, evidence, engagement and implementation. We’re so pleased that Bonnie Klohn is one of 25 non-profit leaders from across the province who is attending these sessions. To learn more about the Institute, you can read their recent post about their leadership program.

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