Madame Beespeaker, March 11th, 9am

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Madame Beespeaker, March 11th, 9am

Thompson Shuswap Master Gardeners Association and the Horticulture Program at TRU are excited to bring Vancouver-based interdisciplinary artist Lori Weidenhammer to Kamloops for a free presentation Saturday, March 11th 9:00 am, TRU International Building room 1015.

Lori Weidenhammer is a Vancouver performance-based interdisciplinary artist originally from Saskatchewan. For the past several years she has been appearing as the persona Madame Beespeaker, reviving the tradition of “telling the bees”. As a food security volunteer and activist Weidenhammer works with students of all ages on growing plants for bees. This work is featured in her book Victory Gardens for Bees: A DIY Guide to Saving the Bees. She is passionate about art that that transforms the relationship between the artist and the viewer and creates community bonds.



Instagram: @beespeaker

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