Feb 1 Minutes

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Feb 1 Minutes

We had a great meeting last week, lots of people turned up! It’s amazing how much we miss each other after no meetings for two months. And what a potluck!

We heard from Jen Casorso from the City of Kamloops about the Green Living Expo coming up on April 29 looking for more groups to reserve booths, from Lindsay Harris (see her presentation below). We also learned more about the Oncore Seniors Society and all of the important work they do to support seniors in the community, and their interest in partnering with other food groups to get seniors eating better! We also heard some exciting news from Gardengate and their new building they got approval for, and that the Farmers’ Market is running again starting Feb 15. Hooray! Check out our KFPC Minutes February 1 2017 for more details.

PhD Research from Lindsay Harris: Feb 1 2017 KFPC

Oncore Presentation: Oncore Program Presentation_Feb 1, 2017_KFPC

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