MInutes December 05, 2012

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Minutes of meeting, December 05, 2012



Paula Rubinson, co-Chair

Carole Hebden (minutes)

Nicole Beauregard, City of Kamloops, Parks Department

Maren Luciani, City of Kamloops, Planning Department

Mendel Rubinson, Farmers’ Market

Anne Grube, Farmers’ Market

Elaine Sedgman, Thompson Shuswap Master Gardeners

Dave Whiting, Community Mapping, Thompson Shuswap Food Connections

Chandra KC, GIS

Daphane Nelson, Thompson Shuswap Chef-Farmer Collaborative

Robin Reid, TRU Faculty, Public Produce Project

Wendy Gardner, TRU Faculty

Donovan Cavers, City Councillor, Conscientious Catering

Shelaigh Garson, Community Gardens

Jacquelyne Foidart, Aboriginal Friendship Society

Sarah Harder, Urban Agriculturist

Deanna Hurstfield, SPIN Gardener

Scott Redgrove, District Parent Advisory Council

Dylan Houlihan, Urban Systems, BCSEA

Les Carty


REGRETS: Laura Kalina, co-Chair

Welcome and Introductions

MINUTES from October 2012 are available at http://kamloopsfoodpolicycouncil.com/

1)  City of Kamloops

(a)  Kamloops Agriculture Area Plan (AAP), M. Luciani, Planning Department

Public consultation Phase 1 is coming up in January or February

Consumers, producers, local retailers provide input

Roadshow 1: Soliciting feedback to issues identified related to local agriculture industry

Roadshow 2: soliciting input on strategies and actions to support local agriculture industry (public consultation phase 2 – feb./march

Background report is almost complete

Discussed the idea of AAP presentation (15 min. plus Q/A) at the January meeting or our AGM

(b) Urban Agriculture Plan, N. Beauregard, Parks Department

Food security and urban agriculture will be included as a chapter in the Social Plan.  The current (2008) Social Plan will be reviewed over 2013, a revision prepared early in 2014, final approvals end of 2014 and in 2015 policy adoption takes place.  KFPC will be included as a major partner in the consultation plan.

KFPC feedback provided to AAP has been referred to Urban Agriculture Plan

(c) Public Produce Project – evaluation of season’s activity is underway


2) Working Groups – Updates

(a)  Gleaning Program –D. Hurstfield (Members: D. Bone, E. Edwards, D. Hurstfield, R. Reid, Lisa Ritcey) – have met twice.  Decided to form a Society.  Are drafting a budget.  Seeking grants from City of Kamloops.  Model will be 1/3 picker: 1/3 owner: 1/3 non-profit.  Community Kitchen will benefit.  Open to fruit and other produce.

Q. (D. Nelson) – can farmers use the Gleaning Program given issues of shortage and affordability of pickers in our region?

A. question referred to working group.

Q. (M.Luciani) – Would picking produce on Lorne Street public produce site be a fit with Gleaning Program?

A. Yes

Comment by R.Reid – a paid coordinator is needed to ensure successful launch of this program.

Comment by D. Cavers – a paid coordinator is needed to identify trees

(b)      BC Election and Food Security – (Members: C. Hebden, D. Whiting, A. Grube, E. Edwards, D. Nelson).  Planning a questionnaire for all candidates.

Comment by M. Rubinson – invite candidates to KFPC meeting

(c)   Public Produce Project, E. Sedgman – debrief meeting was held with City.  Permanent signage is being developed.  Funding for a kiosk is needed for MacDonald Park.  Victoria St. location awaits design changes to facilitate sunlight exposure.  Discussion ensued regarding fall clean up and maintenance responsibilities.

(d)  A. Grube (i) Water Metering for urban food producers discussion of logistics, financial implications and other challenges (ii) Goji Berry Trail letter circulated; Parks & Rec Committee meets in March 2013. (iii) TNRD Planters – deferred to a future meeting.


3) Community Liaison Updates

W. Gardner (wgardner@tru.ca) is seeking an audience for TRU Ag Sci student poster sessions.  Suggestions included the Open House for AAP, the BC Association of Farmers’ Markets AGM March 1-3, KFPC AGM.  Contact her directly.

E. Sedgman – Parks & Rec City guide has various Master Gardener courses (soils, structures, seed planting).  April 19-20 free workshop on “organic methods for disease control”.

R. Reid – grant applications to analyze and map 80 survey returns.  United Way is interested in the results to gear some of their programs in strategic directions.

M. Rubinson – Farmers are resting now.  Winter farmers market locations are on the Kamlops Farmers Market Facebook page.

S. Garson – Community Garden registrations are completed and waitlists started.  Received city funding to finalize “Cultivating Community: A Guide to Starting a Community Garden” but the document will need desktop publishing.  Planning courses for springtime.  ICS website has been updated to include Community Gardens.  TRU has a culinary arts garden.  Thrive Festival in June 2013 at TRU will include a focus on Agriculture.

P. Rubinson –City of Chicago has rooftop beehives that help fund Arts Programs. GE-free BC is launching anti-GMO apple campaign and seeking volunteers – S. Harder volunteered.  Thanks to all who support organic producers.

D. Nelson (www.tscfc.org) – strategic planning now complete and identifying next steps.  AGM is Feb.  Received first grant application and it’s from ICS Community Kitchen Program.


A. Grube – Farmers Market awarding $500 to a horticulture student.

– BC Association of Farmers’ Markets March 1-3 AGM will be held in Kamloops at 540 Hotel.  They are seeking silent auction donations and sponsors.

NEXT MEETING: Wednesday, January 23 at 5:00

Future Meetings: Feb. 20 and Apr.03. 

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